We Have The Land
We Have The Land
Coming to a local bookstore near you early 2020




Jane Kleeb

Jane is an experienced grassroots organizer, manager, political strategist and nonprofit entrepreneur. Recently profiled by PBS in a film called “Blue Wind on a Red Prairie,” Jane is a leader who deeply understands the need to connect issues that rural and urban communities are facing to politics in order to win elections in Nebraska. Jane Kleeb started her term as the Nebraska Democratic Party Chair in December 2016.


About the new book, We Have The Land

Jane Kleeb is the chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party and the founder of the grassroots group Bold Nebraska. Her forthcoming book, We Have The Land, will show the importance of rural voters to progressive politics, and of progressive politics to rural voters, partly by focusing on issues like climate change, healthcare, and grassroots powered activism.


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SEP 2013

I don’t have to defend Jane Kleeb; she is tougher than a rusty nail. She is fighting for Nebraskans, not foreign oil owners. She is fighting for landowners’ property rights instead of campaign contributions. She is fighting for something more precious than oil, or votes… Nebraska’s water.

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Tell Jane Your Story

Jane loves hearing stories of farmers, ranchers, craft beer makers, innovators, candidates and party leaders who are showing our rural communities have solutions to the big issues our country faces from climate change, to brain drain and bridging the urban and rural divide.

Giving Back to Lift Up Rural

A portion of the book proceeds will go to Bold’s Fighter Fund helping local communities on the frontlines of fossil fuel corporations using eminent domain for their private gain along. Additionally, funds will be donated to help candidates and Democratic parties who are reaching rural voters knowing we need their voices and diverse faces at the table.